Delta Airlines Corporate Training Exercise

03/19/2014 Comments 0

Delta Air Lines used SimulationDeck to practice their emergency response operations in a functional exercise that spanned three continents. The social media lab and media room for Delta corporate communications in Atlanta worked with communications staff at hubs in Narita, Japan and London to coordinate responses to local and international media inquiries, Delta employees, and the friends and family of passengers.
SimulationDeck was able to demonstrate the speed at which pictures and video from a crash site would be spread via social media. The Delta Air Lines Emergency Control Center was challenged with making communications policy decisions fast enough to keep pace with rapidly evolving public perception about the incident. SimulationDeck was also used to introduce critical incident information which traditional and social media monitors were able to identify and relay to appropriate operations-level individuals in the Delta Emergency Control Center.
In addition to the platform, the Nusura Simulation Cell mock media teams brought a heightened level of realism to practicing media management and employee relations by simulating the pressure that comes from high-volume media and public inquiries. The mock media team placed calls and posted social media content in three languages to test the ability of Delta communications officials to coordinate with their international partners to translate and coordinate proactive messaging and inquiry responses.
As a result of the real-world pressures and challenges highlighted by SimulationDeck and the Nusura Simulation Cell, many Delta emergency response and communications policies were amended, and in some cases, new policies were flagged for development.

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