Delaware EMA/Dover International Speedway Tabletop Exercise

03/19/2014 Comments 0

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency used SimulationDeck to enhance a multi-agency table top exercise, involving an active shooter at the Dover International Speedway. Exercise designers needed a way to add realism to the exercise, boost public information officer involvement and test coordination among the various participating agencies and organizations.
In the wake of Sandy Hook and the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, they were also interested in exploring the way media, members of the public and other stakeholders can drive the story and the need for official messaging. The realistically high-pressure, high-stakes environment created by SimulationDeck allowed participants to more fully understand the importance of a coordinated response to an active shooter event with a high public profile and highlighted the critical link between emergency operations and emergency public information.
Throughout the exercise, SimulationDeck media and social media platforms were used to introduce new facts about the scenario and problems that needed to be addressed, such as social media posts from fictional exercise characters saying they were hiding or had seen the shooter. These injects gave the PIOs the opportunity to identify life-safety threats and develop situational awareness that needed to be shared with the rest of the Incident Management Team.

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