City and County of San Francisco Urban Shield

03/19/2014 Comments 0

The City and County of San Francisco used SimulationDeck to practice the activation of their joint information center and citywide emergency public information coordination during the 2013 Urban Shield full-scale exercise. The city recognized the value in using SimulationDeck to simulate traditional and social media monitoring and rapid response rumor control.
In addition to the platform, the Nusura on-site and simulation cell mock media teams brought a new level of realism to practicing media management and on-camera interview and press conference capabilities. Exercise designers used SimulationDeck to inject critical information into the exercise that was not introduced any other way, compelling EOC and JIC staff to make decisions about operational decisions based on that information.
This exercise was a part of a larger project with Nusura to enhance the San Francisco and Bay Area Joint Information System. The Nusura team conducted a citywide capabilities assessment, reviewing emergency plans and interviewing more than 20 city PIOs. Nusura developed and facilitated a discussion-based tabletop exercise and workshop with San Francisco PIOs.
Due to the success of the project, the Bay Area UASI is currently expanding the project to the Bay Area UASI region, including the use of SimulationDeck for two additional exercises (functional for the San Francisco PIOs and a full-scale regional exercise) in 2014.

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