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SimulationDeck makes crisis training and exercise more realistic, more engaging and more effective.
  • Unprecedented Realism

    SimulationDeck helps crisis management teams practice real-time information gathering and analysis, information sharing, and crisis leadership – in a private environment that works like the real world.

  • Social Media Tools

    SimulationDeck replicates the core functionality of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more – allowing players to practice social media listening and engagement strategies in a private environment.

  • Scalable

    SimulationDeck is scalable to exercises large and small, from single-venue tabletop exercises to multi-agency, full-scale exercises engaging thousands of participants on multiple continents.

  • Private

    SimulationDeck maintains exercise privacy and operational security by adhering to DOD and DHS IT Security protocols. Each exercise’s content is firewalled from other exercises and the public.

  • Powerful Exercise Control Features

    SimulationDeck makes it easy to register exercise participants, automatically generate an online exercise directory, create and automatically deliver exercise injects, and leverage real-time chat during exercises. It also includes note-taking features to streamline after action reporting.

  • Digital Media

    SimulationDeck includes digital media sites that seamlessly deliver breaking print, radio and TV news on participants’ computers, tablets and smartphones, just as the public Internet does during real-world events.

What Our Clients Say

Crisis planning, training and exercise just got real

How It Works

Any Internet-enabled device can connect to SimulationDeck for exercise-related weather forecasts, traffic updates, social media posts and breaking news stories - based on your exercise scenario.
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  • Develop and deliver exercise injects within SimulationDeck using our intuitive exercise design tools
  • Initiate and manage exercise play seamlessly - whether players are together in one room or scattered across the globe
  • Document player performance in real time, connecting player performance back to exercise objectives


  • Introduce exercise “ground truth” and portray the concerns of citizens, elected officials, regulators, eye witnesses and the media through SimulationDeck’s social media sites
  • Introduce synthetic information from agencies not participating in your exercise, such as National Weather Service forecasts, public health alerts from the CDC, etc.
  • Interview spokespeople, incident leadership and others to generate realistic media stories for publication on SimulationDeck sites
bleatdeck mobile


  • Receive exercise inject notifications via email, text message, or both
  • Develop and maintain situational awareness by monitoring SimulationDeck’s media and social media sites
  • Determine what actions to take based on this situational awareness, and modify response strategies based on evolving conditions
  • Practice messaging strategy and rumor control on SimulationDeck’s media and social media sites
  • Post news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets and advisories to their own AgencyWeb page within SimulationDeck
  • Experience the results of decisions in real-time

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