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About Us

SimulationDeck makes crisis training and exercise more realistic, more engaging and more effective.
  • Social Media

    Power your exercises with social media crisis simulation.

  • HSEEP Compatibility

    SimulationDeck supports the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.

  • Full Customization

    SimulationDeck is fully customizable. You can design and deploy exercises yourself. Or, we can help.

  • Easy Reporting

    ControllerNotes allows evaluators to document findings in real-time and export reports.

  • Cost Savings

    SimulationDeck is cloud-based and mobile optimized, reducing the need for travel for exercise staff.

What Our Clients Say

Crisis planning, training and exercise just got real

How It Works

By simulating the pressures created by the media and social media today, SimulationDeck makes any training or exercise more realistic, more engaging and more effective. SimulationDeck is a breakthrough application that helps us prepare in the way we must perform
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Exercise Play Using SimulationDeck

Players use their everyday communication and coordination tools such as phones, email, text, chat and EOC management software. SimulationDeck simulates the rest.

Key Features

  • Receive exercise inject notifications via email, text message, or both
  • Monitor simulated news coverage to ensure key messages are picked up by the media and amplified by social media sites
  • Emergency response strategies must be adjusted based on evolving conditions
  • Actions and resources must be coordinated, rumors addressed, and misinformation corrected in real time
  • Receive real-time feedback on decisions
  • Use BleatDeck for easy social media monitoring and posting
  • Post news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets and advisories to your own AgencyWeb page
bleatdeck mobile

Simulation Cell (SimCell)

The SimCell is where controllers generate and deliver injects for the exercise. Physically, the SimCell is a working location for a number of role players who portray representatives of non-participating organizations, agencies, individuals, and traditional and social media entities that would likely participate during an actual incident.

SimCell Highlights

  • User friendly software makes it easy for the SimCell to introduce injects to drive the exercise
  • Staff the SimCell yourself, or customize a support package that includes any or all key exercise staff
  • Get notified of exercise events and injects in real-time
  • Facilitate effective exercises whether players are together in one room or scattered around the globe

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